About Me

My name is Prasanna Kumar, and I’m a software developer. I live in Bangalore, India.

My World Views

I am a non-conforming, libertarian, nihilistic misanthrope who finds it difficult to fit into this materialistic world. I don’t do small talk. I value solitude. I am not learning anything in this trivial world filled with distractions and gadgets. I yearn for a life that Henry Miller espoused.

I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.

Henry Miller

I do not believe in religions invented by humans and their imaginative definition of God. I don’t label myself an atheist either. I reject both extremes.

What comes from within me by digesting and analyzing what I observe is the knowledge that walks with me till death.

I am not active on social media for a variety of reasons. Instead of reaching out to me through the social accounts, you are always welcome to meet-up in person or email. I consider this form of interaction to be the better approach.

Code of Conduct

Life as I experience every day has shattered many of my long held beliefs sometimes painfully but always manages to leave a lasting impression on me. I have learned a couple of things from those experiences and try to follow them stringently and apply them to everyday life. I have listed some them below.

My Eternal Question

I was disturbed that he brought me into being, and nothing has grown through my life like my bewilderment at it. We’re forced to depart, and don’t even know what the point is of all this coming and going and being.

Omar Kayyam

Comment Policy

I have disabled comments on my blog because I consider most online comments to be a complete waste of time, inviting vitriol and as time passes the comments devolve into malicious, vindictive, nasty, pernicious words intent on hurting others rather than encourage sharing of different viewpoints.

I can be reached at comments@prasanna.org if you believe that a particular post or idea requires discussion.

About this site

I have published 136 articles on this site beginning in July 2016. The newest article is Java - equals() and hashcode() quagmire from May 20, 2018. A complete archive is available here.

The site’s design is a custom one, created by me(generously copied from matt’s website). A Style Sample of the blog is available.

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