Anonymity protects Privacy

Archiman Bhaduri over at Times of India

The issue at hand is the conflict of interest of the state selectors Palash Nandy and Madan Ghosh. How is that somebody involved in cricket clubs can become selectors? Were they not vetted during the hiring phase itself? Ganguly who has the pulse of the CAB must have known about this beforehand?

Its surprising really because Ganguly himself has spoken against MS Dhoni’s conflict of interest when Dhoni’s firm managed players under him(R Jadeja, I believe Ashwin was also there).

When a person remains anonymous, it is for the fear of backlash for speaking the truth. It is the duty of a democracy to protect such humans in order to sustain itself. I always admired Ganguly for his keen political skills and strong morals that he defended always. Is this letter just stamped by him or written with his blessings, I wonder. Whichever way I look, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is curious though - how a little position of power could drain common sense from oneself and puff up their self importance?

“The Cricket Association of Bengal will not entertain any such anonymous communication and as such you being an important part of the organisation should follow the same. I feel you are not entitled to give any reply,” Ganguly wrote.

We should applaud the Ombudsman for protecting the rights of the anonymous person with this brilliant response.

It is widely acknowledged by the judiciary and Vigilance Authorities, that in the interest of maintaining transparency, organisations world over take cognisance of anonymous information. With there being no mechanism to ensure safety of whistleblowers, anonymous complaints are one of the accepted modus to focus on wrongdoings