Apple shows the wrong title name in iOS Music App - Fix

Some songs that I downloaded and loaded to iOS will not show the correct song title. Rather it would show some weird name that I had no idea of where it is configured. This issue did not show up in Cesium player though. So I knew it was related to the iOS Music app.

This page has a workaround for the same. I have been procrastinating on this isue for long. A simple Google search showed the solution.

Reproducing from the apple discussion page

The problem is caused by the fact that Apple has added a new tag to iTunes tracks called “Work Name”.

Work name is meant to be used for classical music to show the name of the work (as opposed to the movement).

However, Apple decided to automatically populate “work name” with the values in “grouping”. So, in the Music app, it is showing you what it thinks is the name of the work being listened to, but due to a screw-up, it is showing your the grouping value instead.