Awful Commentary in IPL 2017

In the MI vs DD 2017 IPL match, MI had just taken 4 wickets for 21 runs at the end of 4 overs. MI has kept up the pressure by taking wickets each over and McClenaghan takes the 4th wicket at the end of the 4th over plunging DD into deep trouble. Here is the commentary on that

Mumbai Indians are definitely back in the game.

My question is when were they not? MI has kept the pressure by taking wickets and keeping the run rate low. It is painful to watch these people comment on a match. It feels like they talk because they have to and the viewers are poorer for it. These commentators never give technical details on how a bowler setup a batsman for fall or the ingenious fielding placements of a captain or how a batsman outwit the bowler while taking him to the cleaners. Basically people will lose nothing when these commentators are replaced by a dumb-wit like me.