Computer Revolution hasn't happened yet

Computer Revolution hasn’t happened yet video transcript by Moryton.

It’s always difficult because technical people always seem to know so much, but it’s interesting, again, to look at what is actually being done in the world under the name of OOP. I’ve been shown some very, very strange-looking pieces of code over the years by various people, including people in universities, that they have said is OOP code, and written in an OOP language—and actually, I made up the term object-oriented, and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind.


Those popcorn things are protein molecules that have about five thousand atoms in them. As you can see on the slide, when you get rid of the small molecules, like water and calcium ions, and potassium ions, and so forth, which constitute about 70 percent of the mass of this thing, the 30 percent that remains has about a 120 million components that interact with each other in an informational way. Each one of these components carries quite a bit of information. The simple-minded way of thinking of these things is that it works kind of like OOPS 5. There is a pattern matcher, and then there are things that happen if patterns are matched successfully.

He was talking about E.Coli in the last para.