Easter eggs in Debian

Debian bug report on non-reproducible moos.

This is what I get when i run the command apt-get moo

         * /"\ /\
           ~ ~ ~ ~
..."Have you mooed today?"...

Apparently, some versions of apt-get and aptitude have cow super powers. Running apt-get help, the last line will let the user know whether the version has superpowers. Mine does😀. I get the below response

This APT has Super Cow Powers.

Unfortunately though, aptitude does not come with superpowers. I don’t care since I never use aptitude though.

I did not understand all the technicalities in the thread though but David Kalnischkies response is hilarious.

Given your intend is on changing the behavior of the cow itself, the cow usually expects full dedication to the cause with mandatory minimum service periods and probation. Enlisting your first born child¹ in the service of the cow might be an acceptable alternative.

It seeems Linux OS is filled with easter eggs and this digital ocean link lists some more to waste your time.