Github announces new Terms and Service

The thing is I have this condition where if I am reading a 10 line paragraph, by the time I reach the 10th line, I would have forgotten about the context and meaning of the first 4 lines. So this makes me unqualified for reading any Legal text. So when Github announced their new Terms and Conditions, I knew I was in trouble because first, I don’t know any technical terms and two, it is always difficult to get a consensus in the community(maybe there is one but it gets drowned out in the noice) on whether the change is good or bad.

There is a discussion going on in Hacker News which does nothing but add to the confusion. I still don’t know if hosting a GPL licensed software on Github allows someone else to fork it and update the license to MIT

Joey asks a lot of questions with a lawyer’s eye and they make sense. But I don’t see a lot of furor in the community over this.