Movie Review - Green Room (2015)

The movie is about a punk-rock band witnessing a murder in a neo-nazi bar and the bar owner’s attempt to cover it up.

I usually don’t watch cut/slash movies because I can never get the images out of my head for a long time after watching a movie. I came to this movie because of Patrick Stewart and it did not disappoint. The director sets the mood perfectly here with a gothic feel and it meshes well with the action.

It is great to watch an intelligent action movie with no CGI(or not recognizable CGI) and Patrick Stewart nailing it in particular. He exudes that danger very effortlessly with a very low bass voice. I really did not expect him to be so effective. Another surprise of the movie was Anton Yelchin maybe because my memory of him is from Star Trek only. A must watch but don’t eat anything before the movie though😃