Movie Review - Jason Bourne (2016)

When I first heard that Matt Demon and Paul Greengrass were coming together for a new Jason Bourne movie, I was thrilled. Jason Bourne is easily my favorite action hero(credit to Robert Ludlum’s writing who created an unstoppable machine while humanizing him at the same time). To say I had high expectations of the movie is an understatement. Unfortunately while watching this movie I had this sickening feeling of watching The Bourne Ultimatum except that it was bad, really really bad. Don’t take me wrong, this is way better than the shit that DC has put out this year but it is a big letdown compared to Bourne Ultimatum.

The story revolves around Jason Bourne’s father who responsible for TreadStone program and he did not realize Jason Bourne will be selected for the program. So he threatened to expose the program which of course got him killed and drove Bourne to the program. Bourne comes to realize this and goes after the CIA director. In the earlier movie, he went after the assistant CIA director, I suppose they had no choice but choose the director as the villain.

I think the biggest letdown for me is the climax or the lack of. This movie seems to have 3 climaxes, all predictable and fucking awful. Usually in Bourne movies, I am at the edge of my seat during action sequences but that is not the case here. There were as boring as they can be. Here in the 2nd climax fight, I could not wait for it to get over.

I cannot find fault with any one of the technicians in the movie. Matt Demon as usual has become the brooding hero that is Bourne. The only problem here is the story. It is the same story as the previous one and predictable to boot.

In spite of its faults, it should be noted that this is one of the best action movies of the year. This movie is a counter point to all those who say action movies are dumb.

I would not advice watching this movie if you are a fan of Bourne Ultimatum.