Mallaya Interview about Arrest Warrant

They (the Indian authorities) have had access to many executives of Kingfisher Airlines, and they have had access to thousands of documents. If the missing link is only to interview me, come to London and interview me, get on the radio conference and interview me, send me an email with questions and I will reply. I have nothing to hide.

But it seems a bit contradictory and disconcerting, that just because I’m not physically present in India, that they should issue an arrest warrant and cancel my passport. What confidence does that give me about their real intentions

Vijay Mallaya

Mallaya acting as though he is morally right is very fun to read. There are warrants issued for him in various courts so it would make more sense if he physically appeared in courts answering the summons and then he can be labelled the King of the Idiot Kingdom

sarcastic clap to the banks I suppose we should thank the RBI because they were the one who blew the whistle on this whole shindig but not the banks. Mallaya flew out just before the banks went to the court seeking his detention. This entire episode has been handled in such an incompetent manner. The courts had issued summons to him but his passport was cancelled when he was in another country which makes no sense. His extradition request has not been approved on the fact that Mallaya has valid UK visa and the grounds for deportation are flimsy at best. Does anyone really expect him to come back? This would be a cause for great mirth except when this loan is written out, it will make a bad precedent for other defaulters and we the tax payers(less than 1% of indian population) will end up having to pay for it for these shitty banks.