Moving away from Chrome

The year was 2010 when I moved from Firefox to Google Chrome. Chrome has been available for 5 months I believe, when I made the switch.

Couple of reasons for my switch from Firefox to Chrome then

Chrome was amazing fast with simple but featureful UI.

But as I started to understand Google more over the years, I slowly reduced my dependency of it. Nowadays I mostly used Safari for personal browsing and Chrome was relegated to professional usage. Most companies that I have worked/working for use Gmail for communication and I used Chrome’s Profiles to separate the various clients that I interacted with on a daily basis.

Increasingly Chrome has locked down the app-store for extensions and this developer’s experience has been the kick in the ass that I needed to switch away. This is not the only time I see this behavior from Google.

Lucky for me, with Firefox 57, I feel like I am using Chrome when it was released. Auto-updates, blazing fast and Firefox provides profiles where you can create independent firefox app for different usage. I have a separate profile for office, personal gmail, yahoo and such trying to protect my privacy from these prying eyes.

You can read more about Firefox profiles here.