Naukri website sucks in Safari

I just created an account in Naukri and its support for safari sucks. When I try to add a language to my personal details section in safari, the webapp adds the same detail multiple times so that the same language is present more than 20 times in my personal details and worst, the ui shows that the request failed in safari.

I am not sure what experimental features these guys are using though but suffice to say whatever they are, they are not needed at all.

I forgot my password and when I tried to reset the same in the website using safari, it sent me around 5 reset password emails and the application locked me out saying exceeded retry attempt. Try after 24 hours my ass.

I had to create a new account since I had not linked the fuckery to the application not working in safari.

Shit works in chrome though. I just spent the last hour fixing naukri’s screwup.

It seems Chrome is the new IE except its so advanced that everything else is broken because nobody tests their UI in anything else.

Drive fast and break everything is the agile way as people have understood it, it seems.

Just do proper regression testing gentlemen.