One day in hospital

I got admitted in the hospital. It was the usual. After watching all the episodes of House M.D. hospitals are not that terrifying. I imagined the nurses to be patient with the patient’s anxiety but that was not the case at all. They are as cold as they come by. It was disorienting to watch a doctor play PSP while entering the operating theater. By the way, why did they name operating theatre as operating theater. I should probably check that out.

Moving on, I got admitted due to high fever which has been persisting for the past week. I was derilious and the doctors assured me that it is a medical miracle that I am not in a coma inspite of the high fever. Little did they know about the effect IPL season has on Indians.

The doctors kept doing a battery of tests and they replinished their MRI/scan room thanks to the tests. I will never know where my father keeps all the money. As requested by the doctors, money kept coming. I suppose I should be happy that I have a good/hardworking/common_sense father who saved money rather than buy his dream car.

Days went by and finally a doctor informed me that I have an infection. I did not know what reaction he expected from me but I imagine my face had the surprise of hearing that once again Meryl Streep has been nominated for Academy awards. “Yes, doctor. Congratulations on identifying that I have an infection. I suppose the high fever must have been a clue”, I thought to myself. I did not say it out loud of course. I would be an idiot baiting the god complex assholes who think they are God’s gift to Humanity. I had a number of sarcastic retorts in my tongue but I bit them back because I did not like the doctor’s look at all.

“So, what should we do next? try more powerful antibiotics”

“No, Antibiotics will not work in this case. You have a viral infection. We expect your condition to worsen and your fever to reach level around 200°C”

“But, even a fever of 107°C will leave me dead. You have to do something. Call my father, he can do anything”. I just realised that I considered my father to be super man, one who can do anything.

“I am sorry, but there is nothing to be done. Maybe, you should think of meditation. I have heard that it can calm once’s mind”, the doctor said with a sad(I am assuming here because I am in tears) smile.

A lot of thoughts went through me at that moment, they are too large(in universe/galaxy scale) to explain here. And then I woke from my dream at 3AM and could not sleep till 6AM. I had panic attack the entire day eventhough I knew it was a dream.