One day in my life

I wrote this post some years ago on blogger and I have migrated it here. TL;DR version is that I was trying to find a PG to stay on because my house owner found out on friday night that I was moonlighting with a friend. I had one day to find a new place and shift. This post is a documentation of the same.


9:30 AM : Woke up. Shifting house today. Owner(currently staying in Bangalore) is a very good man. Never came to the house while we were staying and never once bullied us(The fact that he never spoke with us was due to the fact that whenever we had an inclination that he was coming around, we lock the door from outside, switch off tv, use headphones for computers and close our doors till he leaves. This worked well for a long time)

10:00 AM : Started shifting all my things to the ground floor. Yep, I am shifting house from first floor to ground floor.

12:30 PM : Completed the process and have setup my laptop. Made an order in MaryBrown and i was watching The Big Bang Theory with a coke in one hand and chicken in another hand. It was heaven, i tell you.

5:00 PM : Dosed off watching a movie and got woken up by the owner’s son informing that his mother(house owneress) wants to see me.

5:30 PM : Told the owneress that i was going to stay in the ground floor sharing with the guy already staying there(he has gas stove, fridge, washing machine,TV and best of all he can cook). She was worried that I did not inform her earlier and she needed time to think about it.( In reality, she phoned her husband and informed him that the ground floor guy was cheating on them by subrenting the house to me)

7:30 PM : I went to owneress and asked her whether i can stay. She said they will raise the house rent and if its okay with me for which i promptly replied YES. She did not inform the owner of the updates.

8:00 PM : Owner called up the guy currently living in ground floor(my new roommate) and informed him that he is a cheat and he is going to involve the police with the problem. My Roommate was already in heaven because of liquor and he promptly and politely replied the owner to go to hell and slammed the phone down.

9:00 PM : I came to know about the interaction between my roommate and house owner later from the landlady who informed me that tomorrow i should look for another home and leave tomorrow evening with all my things.


6:00 AM : Got up and started packing all my things again.

7:30 AM : Went to search for house/PG hostel. Put 3 litre petrol in my scooty

12:30 PM : Still I did not find any house. There were some but most of them were in third floor and looked like living in them was like sitting near a furnace(chennai climate being what it is)

12:45 PM : Finally found a PG Hostel and gave advance Rs 3,000/- but the place was a really cramped one with three guys living a room the size of three bays together. Have office now. Every sunday, my team has a second shift in which all the systems will go through maintenance. Needless to say, it is a nightmare. I always drink an unhealty dose of benadryl with pepsi when I am scheduled for this shift.

1:00 PM : My teammate (involved in maintenance who has to start early but can leave early)was homesick for Biryani and she pestered me to buy her a biryani. I patiently told her that the Biryani shops that are nearby provide biryani with dog meat and not chicken.(Well I didnot have money with me then, what am I supposed to do),but she didnot understand my problem and kept asking me to go to a good shop and get her one. Usually I don’t have money with me, on account of my balance becoming Rs 5 before the 10th of every month. I don’t have the knack of saving money, I can never do, It is one of my regrettable failing. So I went home again, got my room-mate’s card and because of the day, the ATMs in and around Thiruvanmiyur(my area) were not working . So went to Adyar(nearby area but heavy traffic) and took money from ATM and came back to Thiruvanmiyur and bought my teammate the Biryani.

1:15 PM : Came to office and as luck would have it , my sametime chat was not working.

5:30 PM : As the sun rises every morning , EBI processes fail when i come to sunday monitoring(I am not sure why, only when I come for monitoring on Sunday, I am knee-deep in issues) and today was no exception

6:15 PM : Finally completed monitoring and left for home(ran from office would be more appropriate. Most of the issues were not resolved still.)

6:45 PM : Owner came and I went up to speak with him. I dragged my roommate along with me ( he was not willing however. I convinced him by talking fast. When a guy is drunk, you can always convince him of anything if you can talk fast enough). Told the owner that the past one year had been great and it was while living in his house that I got my salary increment and it was my lucky house and i want to stay there as long as possible. I fed some more ** to him and finally convinced him to let me stay. Still there was a issue of my roommate and house owner fight . Then I acted a moderator between the two people and the house owner got all mushy and telling my roommate how he always treated him like a son and that roommate should not have spoken harshly on the phone. My roommate was in no state to speak owing to the fact that he ate 2 Thalapakattu Biryani and a half Brandy. So he did not really understand what the owner was talking about but he did shake his head once or twice. Owner assumed that for my roommate’s sincerity, forgave my roommate(though my roommate was drooping his head, and it was actually me who said my roommate was sorry). Also house owner informed my roommate that since he is sharing the house with me the rent will be increased by 2000 from 6000 to 8000 which my roommate nodded his head for.Some father-son bonding I thought. I am sure my roommate doesnot remember a single thing today morning(Monday).

8:00 PM : So we came down with all issues resolved and me having a good place to live again. I can now finally achieve my dream of living in diet and getting the shape of a bamboo tree. Still there was a problem of the advance amount that i gave to PG hostel. So went there again and pleaded with the manager and finally he gave me Rs 2750/- which I gladly accepted.

8:30 PM : My roommate was bored and so we decided to go to a movie in Mayajaal(some 15km from home but the drive through ECR is worth it). I thought since I put 3 litre petrol in the morning we will have petrol for to and fro travel. We were wrong. The pep stopped midway . My roommate being the cheerful man he is( with some assistance from the hot drink earlier) got into a auto ,drove to a petrol bunk and came back with Petrol in a pepsi bottle, we filled up the petrol tank and away we went to watch Vaagai Sooda Va in Mayajaal. On the way to the theatre i downed 3 half boils to relieve the tension of the day along with 4 parottas and chilli beef. My dinner did what it usually does ie) I vomited in the theatre(2 large popcorns that went inside while watching the film did not help either) . So after the film got completed, came home and slept soundly leaving the crazy day behind me.

PS: I am in first shift today(6A.M) and when i came outside to take my scooty pep to office around 5.45 AM , there was no air in the backtyre( I think it got punctured). Day starting really well.