Rolemodels for Children

So KL Rahul posted a picture of himself with a pint of beer on twitter. This has raised the wrath of everyone and the cricketer has deleted the post. It seems a BCCI official quoted

Many kids blindly follow the star cricketers’ actions on and off the field, so our boys have got to always keep that in mind. They should always consider the sense and sensitivities of Indian cricket fans.

Let me try to reason this out. Children(above 10 years) who actually know who KL Rahul is can be categorized into 2 types, those who drink and those who don’t touch it. Today’s generation is much more knowledgeable than ours. I mean they are exposed to everything there is to be seen through smart-phones and cinemas. Children below 10 years are not going to watch cricket either but rather play games in smart-phone or watch Chhota Bheem. So I don’t know who is going to affected by this image which does not even explicitly show the beer bottle or even the label. For all we know It could be some drink like RedBull.