Book Review - Scrappy Little Nobody

Have you read any of Anna Kendrick’s tweets? If not, you should. Just go to Google, search for her tweets and just lay back and enjoy. She is a brilliant, quirky individual and when I learned she had written a book, I knew it would not disappoint.

I resolved to keep the crazy inside my head where it belonged, Forever but here’s the thing. It wants out.

Anna Kendrick

I got a good chuckle when I read this line. I mean, where does she gets these words and how does she bring them together so that they are funny.

They moved on from being angry and settled into just not liking me. THIS IS HOW SUPERVILLANS ARE CREATED.

Anna Kendrick

This book is like a memory dump of Anna’s life right from her pre-school to her Pitch Perfect days. Filled with self-deprecating humor, Anna has this rare ability to convert every bad situation into something filled with humor. Between her boyfriends to working with Clooney and making a deal with papparazzi, she lays it all bare in this book.

The best part in the book is when she’s talking about the difference between a nice person and a good person. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the way she turns bad experiences into fun is something to think about. Talk about getting high in an award function and unlucky for you, you go on to win the award, imagine telling the people there you are high as a kite. She did get high for an award function but did not win.

In her grandmother’s funeral, she was asked the below question. I can’t even imagine a person’s thought process which made them ask such an insensitive question.

So, you’re the actress! Oh, you’re very good… but we know these aren’t acting tears!