So long, 2016

This has been a very eventful year for me. I had some personal family issues that finally got resolved during June and as I tried to bring normalcy into my life then, I got unwell with severe foot pain that has been continuing to this day. It was and still is a painful experience and this ordeal has reaffirmed my belief that the medical profession is one of the worst filled with egoist bastards, greedy hospitals trying to make money by writing unneeded tests, treating poor patients like shit. If there is a profession that needs serious regulations, medical community is one. My erratic health always left me tired, forcing me to stay indoors for 90% of the time and no energy for outside activities.

When I started this blog in July, I expected to write atleast one post a day but as expected, I have written a total of only 32 posts including this. It is always difficult to start writing. I have all these topics to write in my head but when I sit down to actually type something, my mind always draws a blank. Maybe my health plays a major role in this.

I read a couple of fiction this year with The Folded Earth being my favorite fiction. I have all Jhumpa Lahiri’s books in my library now. I loved her book The Namesake and I am going through her short stories collection now.

The most significant story of the year is the regressive Demonetization step taken by the Prime Minister which has put a break on the economy and left people with serious money crunch issues. Shahruck with his pants downThere is this stupid idea going around that it is the middle class who are very much affected by this because the wealthy use plastic cards already and the poor do not have much money to being with. I don’t know about the wealthy but they are dead wrong about the poor. Not only their savings are in cash, they are exclusively in 500/1000 rupee notes because these higher value notes makes it much easier to store and protect the notes. A small farmer who will have a profit of Rs 50,000/- at the end of the year is not going to invest this amount in real estate or stocks but will keep the savings in cash at home in higher value notes. Most of these people do not have a bank account, are daily laborers, no valid PAN or ADHAAR card in their kitty. These are the people who are the most affected by this move. It also did not help that the central government were caught with their pants down, changing rules every single day for the past 50 days, changing goal posts of the demonetization move every other week(if you can’t followup all this madness, it is making India digital economy). I am sorry but the above Shah Rukh image always makes me chuckle. Got the image from GreatBong website.

India did well in the test series with Kolhi riding an unbelievable purple patch, with all his choices going his way but I can’t wait for 2018(India has tours lined upto England, SouthAfrica and Australia). 2018 is going to be a rocker of a year for Indian Cricket. Not much tennis this year because of Roger’s injury. I find it difficult to sit through a match if it does not involve Roger Federer.

I did not watch much regional movies and the expected ones(Kabali, Theri) were underwhelming to say the least. There were some really great movies but the problem is that those movies cannot secure a theater in Bengaluru. Those movies are not available online like in Netflix so I missed out on a lot of really great movies that push the boundaries of Kollywood.

US elections was interesting to say the least. The one good thing out of this election is the discussion around fake news. It would be great if the inherent bias of the traditional news organizations are also discussed.

Jayalalitha and Cho Ramaswamy are gone. Jayalalitha’s death has certainly left a void in the Tamil politics. Sasikala’s family whom Jayalalitha has thrown out of her residence are back in full force dominating ADMK. We will have to see how this fares out over the years. She was the lesser of the two devils in tamil politics and without her DMK has no meaningful opposition in TamilNadu. Memories of their earlier rule is still present in people’s memories.

That’s enough depressing thoughts. I would like to conclude this year with the below quote

Nationalism is an infantile sickness. It is the measles of the human race.