Steve Wozniak as School Teacher

From the motherboard about Steve Wozniak. His words on how a teacher should be.

Why not let young students go in the directions they want to? Let them go off and do what they like to do and don’t force them to be going at the same speed as somebody else. Most of school might as well just be daycare anyway. If people have something in their heart, you shouldn’t slow them down…I liked being a super geek, but I definitely never pushed my values on other people.

I wish I had a teacher who understood what teaching meant. He bought laptops to the kids with his own money so that they can enjoy(not learn) computers.🙂 His advice to the author(when she was a student)

I admitted that generally, school was hard for me, but I loved art and in his class I liked the software that let you build things, like Sim City. He said those things were important, too, and that when he was younger, he didn’t like school much either. He was kind and nonjudgemental, and let me just be me about it.