Movie Review - Suicide Squad (2016)

Given WB’s track record, I had no hope for Suicide Squad when It was announced. But then I heard David Ayer will be directing the movie and going by his earlier movie Fury, I expected the film to be good. Boy was I wrong?

This movie makes BvS look good. Yes, its that bad. The TL:DR; version is it is an incoherent mess. The movie has too many characters and even though they spend a considerable number of time introducing these characters, I still felt no connection with the characters. Batman is shoe-horned in for a couple of seconds during the all these character introductions.

The main characters(in terms of time spent on them) in the movie are DeadShot and Harley Quinn. I don’t think the writers understand these characters at all. Harley Quinn is a tragic figure in the comics that make people gravitate towards her and feel sorry for her. But you will not feel that way while watching the movie. Here she is portrayed as… portrayed as.. I don’t remember what I felt for her. As I watched the movie, she went from funny to incredibly annoying.

Pacing of the movie was also bad. One scene they are all serious and then there is a song with some jokes and both scenes are completely disconnected. Ayer has this capacity to set up a good scene but does not follow it through. There is a scene where DeadShot goes against the villains by himself and does the job which makes all the surrounding soldiers dumbfounded and look at him with a new respect. This scene, I believe, was the only one which had an emotional impact and yet immediately afterward the soldiers move on and that’s it. This makes all the mean things they say to DeadShot a complete waste of time.

Also what’s with all the songs and the colours. I mean yes we all questioned the depressing darkness of BvS but this movie takes things to an extreme on the other end. Its like Ayer made a war movie and the execs at Warner Bros expected something on the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy. The final output is a weird mashup of a war movie and SOAP opera. The songs are good but they don’t gel well with the movie at all.

Given the pre publicity circus about The Joker and all those stories about Leto being an asshole during Principal Photography, I expected something great from the Joker but luckily the character is completely underused and removing him from the movie has no impact on the story. Jared Leto characterisation of the Joker is also a big letdown. He is like a dancer from a gangster song who dyed his hair green and applied makeup to his face. This does not make a joker. It was fucking awful. I cringed every time he was on screen. It is on par with Jessie Eisenberg’s characterization of Lex Luthor. This movie portrays Joker as a deranged sociopath with a sadistic streak. You cannot just stutter, kill a bunch of people for no reason and believe that is the Joker. To me the best characterization of Joker comes from Batman(1989) movie. I know its weird to say this but the Joker exists to make jokes out of human nature and their hypocrisy by giving them impossible choice. I loved the laughter though.

You need time to provide justification for the weird relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker. What is so enchanting about the Joker that Harley falls for him? what makes her come back to him again and again inspite of the physical/emotional pain that he inflicts on her? What is she missing in her life that the Joker provides? These are the questions that people who haven’t read the comic books will have. You cannot expect the people to enjoy the movie with no backstory whatsoever. This movie leaves so many questions unanswered that I found it difficult to even concentrate on the movie.

I still cannot decipher the motivation of the villan character and where the hell did her brother come from? what is his power? why is her power linked to the heart? Why does she want to destroy the world? what does she have against humans? I have no idea.

sarcastic clap to the banks This movie is yet another example of DC Movies getting the characters completely wrong. I cannot wait for The Justice League movie to come sooner. My 2 hours completely wasted.