Movie Review - The East (2013)

You know that in the name of growth, you are poisoning this world so that the very few of you can live a life that you dream of. You create your own heaven by making everything around you hell. Does Willful ignorance absolve you of the crimes that you commit against nature? Shouldn’t you be punished for the ecological destruction that you oversee and allow? Do I become you if I do the same to you?

The East(2013) is a movie that forces you to slow down, take a moment from whatever you are running towards and consider what is important and what steps are you willing to take to protect what little is left?

It is a simple story. A revolutionary group that calls itself The East is hurting the CEOs of those companies that willfully destroy the ecosystem and humans for nothing other than money. An operative of the private intelligence company Hiller Brood whose sole function is to protect these companies infiltrates this group to gather information which will then be passed on to FBI. Story-wise there is no imagination and you can see the ending from a mile off but the locations, cinematography and the earnestness of the cast carry the film to a not so surprise ending. The film maintains the moody template throughout and the direction is top-notch. There are some places in the movie which bring down the momentum of the movie which fizzles out with the ending. Heavily plot-driven, there is not much character development but I could not think about them as the plot was racing from jam(plan to take out one corporation) to jam. Well worth a watch.