The World is ending. Learn to code(Why the fuck not?)

Everybody should learn to code and become a programmer. Forget the fact that programming is like every other profession where experience and wisdom from failure counts. Learning how to write a program in Ruby or Rust🙈 is similar to having the ability to laying bricks over each other. This will not give the experience necessary to build applications. Tech is the plumbing of 21st century and I dread a society full of yet more plumbers developing in node.js

Sam Kriss via JWZ

All the prejudices and stupidities that churn beneath our vague, signifying human language will be wiped away by the world that’s coming, expressed in the blank mathematical intricacies of code. Your age or race or gender don’t matter; they belong to the age of objects. Just learn how to code, and you’ll be fine. But something’s missing. Code what? To do what? And why?


In New Orleans, at this month’s Collision conference — America’s fastest-growing tech expo, a vast temple for our infinitarian demiurge, frantically creating a world it does not understand — I discovered the answer: nobody really knows.

For a few lucky companies selling these moronically “smart” objects, there are ludicrous millions in investor funding. Not because they’re any good, but because markets are volatile and governments are issuing negative-yield bonds and there’s nowhere else for all the ruling class’s extra money to go. Time is not moving us forwards. There has not been progress. The tech boom is not the first trembling steps of a new era. Its growth and dynamism is the halo of rot spreading over the globe.

I haven’t laughed out loud simply by prose for a long time. Thought provoking and funny and sad at the same time.