Trump And Taiwan

I have been following Scott Adams writings about Donald Trump this past year and it has been an eye opening experience. It seems even I have learnt the ability to decode Trump’s actions using the Scott’s 3D persuasion filter.😉

Following Google News, It seems like there is a lot of anguish that Trump took the call of Taiwan President thereby inadvertently legitimizing Taiwan - the country and this move has become a thorn on China because of One China Policy where Taiwan is considered a rogue province of People’s Republic of China. This move by Trump is a major deviation of the American Foreign Policy of the earlier decades and US experts are crying wolf that this will lead to unintended consequences.

To me, this is clearly Trump setting the tone for the future trade negotiations of US with China that Trump has been promising about where US will have a better hand in the negotiations and I expect a time where US will recognize One China Policy for expected concessions. It seems to me, Adams is right all along and a great teacher because even I can understand Trump’s motivations but It looks like the US mainstream media hasn’t still figured it out.

I don’t know how this will scale in the future because If Trump flip-flops and recognizes Taiwan as part of PRC and he exhibits similar behavior in the future, then those actions will reduce the trust that world leaders will have on the assurances of USA and that is not good for a country. His actions are a means to an end but is that an acceptable behavior, I don’t know but for now, it is fun to watch the Master Persuader at work.