Trump Phenomenon

I just read this piece of Amit Varma and the entire thing is quotable.

If people are reading/watching the news and wondering how the Trump phenomenon is successful, the above piece will provide some explanation.

Trump sells simple stories. Imagine a middle-aged white man in small-town America who has seen jobs disappear and incomes stagnate for years. If Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan explain to him why he is in this state, their complex explanation of a complex phenomenon will typically contain a mix of jargon, empty phrases and tired bromides, and might even be incomprehensible. Trump, on the other hand, will keep it simple. “You are losing your jobs because our government ships them overseas” is his anti-trade spiel. “You are losing your jobs because immigrants are coming in here and taking them away” is his anti-immigration spiel

You should go read the entire thing.

Today people don’t trust politicians and what they say. The trust that was there has been eroded over the years by phony promises and half truths. The entire middle class family group in US has disappeared and is a tiny minority today in the name of globalization.

I see people proclaim Globalization as a good thing. It is but not how it is implemented right now. Free trade is nice and good between entities who are equals in every which way. Free trade between US and England is good. Free trade between India and Bangladesh is good but not between Bangladesh and US. Per capita Income is vastly different between these two nations such that free trade is going to move most of the menial work from US to Bangladesh. Bangladeshi salaries and thus people’s lives are going to improve to a level but not to the American levels ever because if it does, why do these corporations need to maintain office here? The only reason most of the jobs are exported is because of the cost factor.

Meanwhile Bangladeshis will be forced towards the education which prepares them as unthinking machines needed by these corporations to do the mindless jobs. You can switch India for Bangladesh in the above example. Almost most of the inventions today are happening in US and the implementation of those will in third world countries. In the end America will be the rich place it is now and Bangladesh the poor country and status quo will be maintained.

American industries shift their base to third world countries where they pay the minimum of minimum wages so as to increase their profit in the year ending wall street report. This is the only reason for this job export. This does no one any good. American middle class is effectively destroyed by this move, destabilizing the region that it is today and this incentivizes the local third world governments to herd the people into unthinking machines that do slave work for these multinationals.

You can see this trend in Indian Government’s education report of 1986 and report of this year where Humanities courses are decried because they don’t help the market get enough cattles to do its mindless jobs. Take a look at all our leaders today, almost all of them are from Humanities background. Painting, Music, learning our History, learning the mistakes of our elders, Geography helps us to think globally, ask questions, to not to accept the status quo as it is but try to improve it, form trade unions, ask for salary raise, organize protests and the whole shebang where we collectively improve our conditions.

Contrary to Amit, I don’t think Trump is a simpleton. He is a good reader of people and he is doing and saying what he needs to win. He changes his words today because yesterday’s words did not go well with people.

Also, almost every individual who endorses Hillary are very diligent in underscoring the fact that Hillary is the better of the two devils and is going to be bad for the country but Trump is worse.

Another curious thing when you go through the history of any democratic nation is that when the country becomes democratic, the leaders are always brilliant intellectuals who lead the country through their conviction, charm and trust but as years roll by, we are left with people like Hillary, Rahul, Trump and Modi. Democracy in its current form is doomed to forget its first principle government of the people, by the people and for the people.

This has been fun to watch because the final loser of this cartoon will be democracy. It is long overdue. If Hillary wins, she cannot fix any of these issues within the next 4 years which will give more power to the next candidate. If Trump wins, I can’t even imagine what will happen. Even if Trump does good deeds, most of his reforms will be stalled in the Congress because Congress is incentivized to make sure Trump looks the loser. He has already destroyed most of the established practices, showing them for the joke they are. In the end, either way, democracy as we have today will be exposed for the joke that it is and force us to accept this fact and think of alternative ways of how can people organize themselves to improve the global conditions.