Uber - Toxic Unicorn

If you are not sure, reading Susan J. Fowler’s post should make it clear that Uber is a harmful place filled with toxic, reprehensible values and rampant sexism. Nick Heer has compiled a list of reports on the dubious business practice of Uber and it is a very sobering read.

This below experience of Johana Bhuiyan and Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed is very chilling.

Early this November, one of the reporters of this story, Johana Bhuiyan, arrived to Uber’s New York headquarters in Long Island City for an interview with Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York. Stepping out of her vehicle — an Uber car — she found Mohrer waiting for her. “There you are,” he said, holding his iPhone and gesturing at it. “I was tracking you.”

Mohrer never asked for permission to track her.

Take time to read all the linked articles and ask yourself whether you need such a service. So delete the app and send a message that such a behavior will not be tolerated.

Update: Nick has a new post where he has included some additional articles which paints a complete picture of values that Uber espouses.

Update 2: JWZ has listed some additional cases where Uber acted like an asshole.

Update 3: Things are snowballing for Uber. Here is Ben Thompson’s roundup. Meanwhile, Julia Carrie Wong from The Guardian writes that the Uber former and current employees are finding it difficult to secure jobs because working at Uber is considered a black mark on the Résumé now.

Update 3: Yet another scandal as reported by Brian Solomon for Forbes. You know, you think it can’t get better but it does. This is so much worse ☺