Book Review - What's Yours is Mine

A thoroughly researched book by Nick Heer detailing the various ways which the so called Sharing economies are destroying the very communities that they purport to nurture and develop.

But I do believe it is possible—even essential—to be skeptical about what I think of as Inspirational Technology Tales. When coupled to an agenda with a lot of money behind it, we owe it to ourselves to ask what it is we are being sold.

The book discusses the effect of the slogan “empowering people from the tyranny of bureaucracy” right from New york to Chennai and lists the various ways in which the poor and disadvantaged are exploited by the rich physically and economically.

How these companies distort facts to sell a lie of the paradise that they bring is laid out beautifully in the book. It is a must read to understand the level of destruction these companies are causing to the established norms of community and society. The only reason for the existence of these companies is to line of pockets of the parasitic VCs and people are willing to destroy themselves for the reduced cost in short-term.

Anybody who reads this and are aware of the shit that is going on in places like Uber, Airbnb and yet continue to use those services are nothing but fucking hypocrites. It is very easy to click a like button in Facebook or send a tweet but to actually refuse to use these services is hard because it causes discomfort. So, the world continues to spin.