Yet Another Shocking Behavior from Uber

Why am I still shocked? Put simply, people don’t care. Kara Swisher and Johana Bhuiyan on behalf of Recode:

While the company was publicly apologetic, some top executives apparently had trouble believing that the incident was entirely true, sources said, including Alexander. He was already in India and investigated the claims — it’s not clear if he did this of his own volition or was directed to do so. It is also not clear if he obtained these files legally.

Alexander then brought the files to Kalanick and Michael, who read them, said sources. This is highly unusual since they were records related to a criminal investigation.

Still, soon after, all three began to raise the prospect that Ola — Uber’s prime competitor in India — was behind the incident to sabotage the company, sources said.

Some Uber staffers who were told about the medical report by them were disturbed to hear the executives were considering the scenario, based on their reading of the medical report, that the woman’s story was not true.

Just when I believe I can’t be surprised anymore by the behavior of Uber, this comes along. The sexual offender had multiple criminal charges before becoming an Uber employee and it is the failure of the company’s procedure that this person was even employed.

Rather than taking responsibility, the CEO blamed the government then. I can’t understand how this guy is still CEO.

If you are using Uber even after knowing about all these criminal behaviors, I don’t know how to relate to you or respect you.